3 Wishes for the Insecure Woman

We’ve been sold a timeline our whole lives.  A timeline that is impractical these days. (Did I feel super old saying “these days?!” Yes, I did!) I know you’ve heard it – get married, buy a house, and have babies all by a certain age.  I know this works that way for so many. But, the thing is – there is no actual timeline. With this belief, we become insecure and unsure of ourselves. We become overwhelmed and frustrated and then decide we aren’t good enough. We see another woman (or man!) accomplish something we haven’t yet and feel insecure, that something is wrong with us. Then all of a sudden we have zero self-worth. I’m here to tell you – that is just not true!  There is nothing wrong with you.

Here are my heartfelt wishes for you, when you feel insecure:

3 Wishes for the Insecure Woman

1. You understand your worth and set boundaries around it. You are worthy simply because you are. We seem to forget this. But, I know you, and you are not just any ordinary woman. So, I know that you are definitely worthy. You deserve to take up space, love life, and not feel weird doing it. I hope you set boundaries when someone or something (like a job, etc.) isn’t treating you the way you deserve.

2. You stop listening to what the world says you should be. When you feel passionate about something I hope you follow that passion. I hope you know your dream is there for a reason. And if it’s not what your parents always thought you would be – well, that’s okay. Never feel there is something wrong with you or you are not enough because you have big dreams.

3. You find people that support you, just the way you are. I hope you find a support system that truly cares about you. That shows you how amazing you are. That forgives you when you mess up and helps calm you down when you’re worked up. The tough times in life are bearable when you know you’re cared for.

I hope these wishes help renew your confidence and strength and lead to a more empowered and fulfilling life.

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