9 Tried and True Beauty Hacks

9 Tried and True Beauty Hacks | Everyday with CEA | Are you in a beauty rut and would love to mix it up a bit? Then these tried and true beauty hacks are for you!

Do you find that you get into a beauty rut and would love to mix it up a bit? Then these tried and true beauty hacks are for you! Sometimes, all you need is a little tweak for something to feel fresh and fun again.

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Beauty Hacks

– Use a lighter mascara on the bottom to create dimension. I find that a dark mascara on my bottom lashes tends to pull my eyes down. Plus, once I started doing this I also didn’t have much smudging under my eye, so that’s another perk! I’ve been using this because it comes in brownish-black.

– Layer mascara! I like to do this just for fun to make my lashes look their best. But it’s especially helpful if you can’t find a formula that is really giving you what you want.  Love the length your mascara gives, but want more volume to your lashes? Use the lengthening formula first and then the volumizing. Or use a small wand to really accentuate the tips of your lashes to create more length.

 – Use a light liner on the bottom waterline to open your eyes and appear more awake. I prefer “faux white” or white liner. They don’t seem to make my current liner anymore, but this is similar.

– Blend your makeup onto your neck. This should be a standard part of the application process, but I know that it’s not. I’m not saying that you need to cover your neck with foundation or whatever product you’re using. Buuuut, going past your jawline really helps everything look cohesive and natural.  You don’t want a makeup line or your face to be a different color. It happens  – especially if you self-tan, like me.  But even just a little bronzer does the trick.

– Fill your whole lip with liner before adding color. I’ve shared this tip before but wanted to put it as a reminder because I think it’s a great one! It helps create dimension and helps your lipstick/gloss last longer. You can also contour by buffing bronzer around your lips to help make them look more full.

– Use your same bronzer and highlight on your eyes to save a little time. Not only does it save some time, it really makes your eyes pop! I love the look of bronzer in the crease a bit of highlighter in the center of the eyelid, inner corner, and on the brow bone. I guess I’m all about dimension and glow, lately, lol.

– Change/wash your pillowcases frequently. This isn’t makeup-related but it can help your skin! I try to flip my pillows around before bed so I’m not always sleeping on the same side and I change them at least weekly. This is a great tip for acne-prone skin! And if you don’t wash your hair often, you don’t want your face to have all that dry shampoo and oil from your hair on it, eek.

– Use your ring finger for your eye area. I know I’ve discussed this before but it’s so important! The skin around your eye is the thinnest skin and therefore can be sensitive. Your ring finger has the lightest pressure which is why it’s the best finger to use around your eyes. Even with your ring finger, use light pressure and try to pat rather than pull or rub. This is cut back on irritation and eventual wrinkles. (PS, be gentle with your whole face.)

– And my #1 hack – do what you like! Unless you like being hard on your skin, then don’t do what you like. haha! Jokes, aside – beauty is a way to express yourself and enhance your features so it should be fun! You should feel good when you look good! So, while it’s great to take advice and try things that make it easier or better enhance a feature, you should always do what makes you happy!

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I hope at least one of these beauty hacks is helpful! Let me know if you try them!

Thank you for reading!

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