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My eyebrows…sigh. I’ve had quite the time getting them to look nice.  Yes, I’ve watched YT videos on “how to get the perfect brow” but what I’ve found is that I need to follow the natural shape, as weird as it may be. I don’t go tweeze crazy but I do tweeze the hairs above and below that grow the opposite direction or are clearly not part of the shape.  (I get those hairs on top of my brow that just look like smudged product because they grow the wrong way and they aren’t thick enough to add to the shape, UM no thanks.)

For awhile I used just powder, then powder and brow gel, then pencil and powder, then pencil and brow gel and I’m pretty sure at some point I used all 3.  Recently, however, a micro brow pencil and a brow gel have given me the best results.  BUT which pencil, you ask? Here are my top 3 pencils.  Is there one better than the other 2?  I think its a preference but I will break down the pros and cons (in my opinion). (Brow gel/mascara, powder and pomade to be discussed in later posts, look for part 2!)

Naturally, my brows are different shapes so I like to fill in the top of the arch and straighten the top of the brow so they look similar.  The thin pencil is great for filling in the small area with a light hand.  Then I brush through with the spoolie and it blends so well. Here are my thoughts on each specific brand:

All Three Pencils:

  • purchased from Ulta
  • small, sharp point that allows me to fill in sparse areas without looking too heavy or obviously drawn in
  • spoolie on end
  • automatic sharpener (twist product up)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz:

  • color used: dark brown
  • pros: great color (matches my natural brows the best) and formula
  • cons: prestige price
  • buy it here

IT Cosmetics Your Brows But Better:

  • color used: universal taupe
  • pro: universal taupe is flattering
  • con: product smudged easily
    • most expensive of the three

NYX Micro Brow Pencil:

  • color used: brunette
  • pros:  formula stayed well
    • drugstore price
  • cons: color is a little warm for the shade
    • the entire spoolie end broke off after I put it in my purse makeup bag for ONE day
  • buy it here

If I had to pick one pencil it would be the ABH Brow Whiz.  However, if I’m worried about the price I pick the NYX Micro Pencil.  As I’ve said in previous posts, there are some products I am willing to pay more for and right now eyebrow pencil is not one, especially since there’s an affordable alternative.

The BEST brow advice I can give- do what you like and use what you like! Its always nice to see other people’s tips and tricks but at the end of the day do what makes you feel like you.

Have you tried any of these pencils?  

What products do you love?  

Let’s chat below!

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