Chair Chat: What Your Stylist Wants You to Know

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I decided to start a new series to help you better communicate with your hairstylist, make the most of your appointments and address common hair concerns. I’m calling this series Chair Chat since it is bringing my experiences from behind the chair to you.  To start, let’s look at 9 things your hairstylist wants you to know.

 What Your Stylist Wants You to Know

1. We appreciate pictures: The best way for us to know what you really want is to see it. Of course, be realistic with what you bring us!

2. Change takes time: We know how our products work but we also know that hair doesn’t always process the way we think it will. Even though we know the way to correct it, we don’t have a magic wand. So, be patient and understanding- especially when we tell you it will be a process.  Our job is to take care of your hair.  So we’ll shy away from over-processing and ruining the integrity of your hair.

3. We want you to be happy: Not just happy- we want you to be in love with your change, impressed with our skill, relieved, educated and so on. If you’re not happy, let us know! Chances are your stylist will make it right. Clients are happy when we can do our best work, and achieve what they are hoping for. In turn, we are satisfied with ourselves and enjoy the work we are doing. Basically, it’s a cycle.

4. Prices aren’t a negotiation: You also have to realize that if your stylist is always discounting services or giving you a special price they aren’t getting what they’re worth. They have bills to pay, too. And frankly, this is their job. Many people will say you get what you pay for.  That is true. So make sure if you’re chasing the cheapest services that you’ll be happy with the results.

5. Our time is valuable: Yes, we love our job and love making your hair beautiful. But that doesn’t mean we can wait for you to show up. Or keep canceling and rescheduling your appointment. It’s a 2 person relationship with your stylist, both sides should respect that.

6. We recommend products for a reason: When you’re spending a chunk of money at your appointment, we want to help you properly upkeep your services. Like most stylists, I know that my clients trust my opinion so I only recommend products I’ve tried on myself. It may be out of your budget to use only professional products and tools but you probably won’t get the same results without them. Personally, I’ll do my best to help you find a routine that works for you.

7. A trim is still a haircut: Every stylist has heard a client say they don’t want to pay for a haircut, they only need a trim. But here’s the thing- if a stylist just nips all your ends without going through all of your hair, it’s going to look terrible! Trust me, you want them to go through each section and cut all the hair evenly so that it looks and lays right.

8. Your referral is our best advertisement: Advertising as a stylist can be tough, especially for those that booth rent. Luckily, a client is a walking billboard. If you love the work your stylist is doing, give them a shout out on social media. Give out their card when you get a compliment, or talk about him/her to your friends. A lot of stylists have a referral program, ask yours about that!

Every stylist is different, but in general, understanding these things about your hair appointment can help it go smoothly for both of you. Hopefully you enjoy your next appointment and leave feeling like a new person!

What else are you dying to know about hair?

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