Change-Start of Something New

Change-Start of Something New | Caitlin Cosmetologist

Start of Something New? Am I the only one that hears the High School Musical song in my head after reading that title?

This is a big week for me!

A Big Change

After much consideration and discernment, I have decided to take a full-time job in the field of my Bachelor’s degree. I am not quitting as a hairstylist, but I am switching priorities. For about three years now I have tried different salons and different avenues of building my clientele.  And while I love cosmetology, I am not able to completely dedicate myself to classes, products, and other things that could strengthen my skill set.

The biggest reason for this is that I am paying my student loans.  With full-time hours and a steady paycheck, I will be able to get ahead on these payments. I will also be able to build up a large savings account.  Anyone paying student loans knows how overbearing they can feel sometimes, and they seem to go on forever. I will also have insurance and other benefits that can help me as I save money.

Booth renting at the salon allows me to choose my own hours so I will be able to schedule my clients around my banking job.

Of course, I do not know what the future holds. But,  I hope that as I go through this season I will be able to get in a good place that allows me to transition back to cosmetology more often if not completely full time.  If nothing else, I will keep up with my license and look into doing freelance work and wedding styling.

I know that most of you are not in my area and this new schedule will not affect you. I  still want to share this big change because I want to give hope to anyone else that might feel stuck or unsure of what to do next.

At first, I thought I was giving up my dream and I was crushed.  But after speaking with some wise people, I realized I am changing goals and priorities. I am not giving up and I’m not quitting.  This mindset makes all the difference. I gave it a good shot and tried really hard and now I’m taking my situation into my own hands by putting myself into a place where I can overcome what’s holding me back. Does that sound cliche?  Well, it is true.

Being a hairstylist is hard.  And in my area, it is a very saturated industry.  I have always been proud of my strong work ethic. I know I feel relief to be making progress on my loans and other areas that I want to invest in.

Finding time to blog and keep up with my Instagram page may be hard. But, as I get a schedule set, it will be added to my routine. Please, bear with me as I make some adjustments!

Anyone else making big changes?  

Or contemplating one?

What Did You Think?

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