How to Stay Confident Through the Holidays

I’m the first to admit that it’s tough to feel confident through the holidays. In fact, I’ve found myself saying ” ‘Tis the season of overwhelm” a lot lately. I don’t mean it as a joke. This season truly is overwhelming, which causes a sense of dread or a similar emotion that leaves us feeling anything but confidence. Do you know what I mean? It can be so hard to enjoy the holidays when you are grieving or struggling with mental health. There are so many expectations and so many things to be done. Have you noticed that you feel worse because you think you’re doing it wrong by not being as joyful as everyone else? It becomes a cycle of feeling like crap during the “most wonderful time of the year”. And that in itself is exhausting.

But, there are many reasons we want to feel confident. Feeling confident will help you enjoy the season and appreciate the time with your loved ones -rather than dread what you look like or how you’ll explain your boring job. The way we feel inside really does affect the way we show up. Basically, it will help you to look past the normal small, everyday things and focus on the excitement of the holidays that you don’t want to miss.

So, go ahead and feel all your feelings – and then let’s boost you up and help you feel confident through the holidays, so you can enjoy your time with loved ones, or whatever is right for you.

Confident Through the Holidays

Give yourself grace: Beating yourself up will only make things worse. If you mess something up like you didn’t wrap everything the way you wanted to – oh well! Focus on the memories you’ll be making, instead. Your kids will remember that mom was grumpy opening presents and won’t even notice the bow was the wrong color.

Find an outfit that feels good: I say all the time that confidence is not a look. But the way you look and feel absolutely affects your confidence. Christmas parties and holiday get-togethers can feel like occasions where you need the trendiest outfit and most glamorous makeup. Trust me, I’m all about that. But, wearing an outfit that feels good and allows you to feel your best is the way to go! Again, you want to feel like yourself so you can show up as her, too.

Ask for help: As women, most things get put onto our plates. Right? I don’t think we even question why we need to do it all but we sure as heck get stressed out making it all happen. Do not feel bad about asking for help. It does not mean you aren’t good enough or you can’t handle it. It just means you also want to enjoy yourself and not be running ragged for weeks just to feel exhausted for a couple of days that everyone else enjoys.

Try to get enough sleep: I  know this can be easier said than done. But, it will make all the difference, so make it a priority.

Set realistic expectations: If you know you won’t have time to decorate the entire downstairs as Santa’s workshop – do not even try. Of course, you’ll be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Keep your expectations rational and then enjoy all your hard work!

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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