Efficient Self-Tanning Routine

I’ve been self-tanning for more years than I can count now. But, I think I have finally found my perfect product routine! What exactly makes up a perfect self-tanning routine?

For me, the perfect routine is something that can be done quickly with a result that lasts all week, if not longer. I’m not able to sleep with self-tanner on anymore (unless it’s the drops) because I get hot while I’m sleeping and woke up with crazy marks and lines one too many times. So, I started trying quickly developing formulas so that I could rinse off after a few hours and continue with my day. The trouble here is that many of the formulas that develop quickly are not very dark and do not wear well throughout the week.

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Self-Tanning Routine

So, let’s look at the products that have changed the game for me:

Exfoliate: I use First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub to exfoliate and remove leftover mousse from the previous week.

Apply: Tanologist Express Tan Mousse (Extra Dark) is my favorite mousse.  This mousse develops in at least one hour and looks dark (at least on pale skin lol)! It seems to wear well on my skin throughout the week. Meaning it doesn’t usually look patchy as it fades.

Set: MegaBabe Body Dust Top-To-Toe Powder is made for the body and formulated without talc! I love applying this with a makeup brush to help set hard-to-dry areas like elbows and knees. Read more about how I use this here.

Touch-Up: I use Tanologist Face & Body Self-Tan Drops (in medium) for my face. I only need one drop for my face. I also like using them to touch-up areas like my neck throughout the week. The drops mix with lotion and apply really well.

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Here’s to bronze skin all year round!

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