Friday Favorite: My Go-To Look

Friday Favorite: My Go-To Look | CaitlinCosmetologist

In the time I spend scrolling through Instagram I have noticed that even though we all love to dress up and wear new trends we all have our “uniform” or “go to look”.

You know what I’m talking about, ANND it popped into your head as you read that. Am I right?

I thought I would share what I like to wear when I want to feel like myself.  Nothing too fancy, nothing too bum, just a nice outfit, hair and makeup look that I will feel good in all day.

Keep reading for my go-to look.

What Makes Up My Go-To Look?

Hair: waves and texture. When my hair is shaped nicely, I can scrunch it and it cooperates with just the right amount of wave and lays beautifully. I usually use a cream curl product and my hair dryer with a diffuser to get the best wave/curl. When it is grown out, I follow the same steps and then use a curling wand or iron to add shape and texture. Just a little bend in the hair can make a big difference.


Makeup: clean looking skin, groomed brows and lashes. I like to keep it simple, but still look put together. Primer, foundation, concealer and powder are enough for even skin. At least a quick comb through of my brows and some filling in of sparse areas with a brow pencil. And of course my favorite part- curling my lashes and adding mascara. I feel feminine when I wear mascara, and feeling feminine keeps me feeling good all day. When I want to dress up or feel glamorous, I add more but this is a nice everyday look that does not take long to apply.

Outfit:  a comfy pair of jeans, a v-neck top and sandals or flats.I don’t know what it is about them, but I live for v-necks. In the summer I love to swap the jeans for a maxi skirt when I can, but it seems like this combination is the versatile all year round. Switch up the shoes and the accessories as needed. A good fitting pair of jeans can bring so much confidence, have you noticed that? Same with a good fitting v-neck, for me.

My favorite v-necks are from Target. They are affordable and on sale very often!

Sure, when I come home at the end of the day my sweat pants are calling my name. But when I want to be productive I go for this look.  I do not have to worry about my shirt slipping, or other weird clothing mishaps. I know it fits well and looks pulled together and I can go out into the world with confidence and check things off my to-do list.

You know those times where you put random clothes on, thrown your hair on top of your head, do not touch your face and run to the store for something, quickly.  And THAT is when you see someone you know?  You just want to yell “I swear I have my life together!!” Yeahhh, I like to avoid those moments.  Sticking to an outfit like this helps a lot.

Do not get me wrong- I do not always do my hair just for an errand, and sometimes I wear yoga capri pants, but you get the idea.


Its also a great look for a casual trip, lunch, day date – anything where you want to look like you put in effort but it is not fancy and overdressed.


Having a uniform is important.

An outfit like this gives me major confidence because it fits well and I feel good in it. To me, that is the best part of a go-to look.

I believe a go-to look becomes easier every time you wear it.  You know what you are looking for in your closet and you can apply your face makeup in just a few minutes- because you know how the products work with your skin.


Not everyone has a specific go-to look, and that okay.  But I would suggest finding something that helps you feel confident and ready to take on the day.  There is enough stuff to worry about on a daily basis- who wants their basic outfit to be one of them?

What is your go-to look?

What gives you confidence?

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