Life Right Now + Things I’m Loving

Life Right Now + Things I'm Loving | CaitlinCosmetologist

Today, I’m sharing a new type of blog post.  I almost feel silly because I don’t think I have ever shared a post like this and I’m not sure why. I strive to be more relatable through my blog and I think posting about life more often can help with that.

PLUS I have something exciting to share!

Life Right Now:

If you made it to you know that I’m a banker and a hairstylist. I started at my current bank in March and have worked really hard to adapt and attend training/classes in hopes of moving to the next level.

Just before Christmas, I was approved to be promoted!  Although moving up a level may not seem like a big deal to others, I’m proud of myself and am already working towards the next level. I have a lot of ambition and feel good when I do my best.

At some point, it may be difficult to continue as a banker while still doing hair but for now I’ll make the most of it.

Life Right Now + Things I'm Loving | CaitlinCosmetologist
Cheers, to being promoted!

Things I am loving:

1. Reading: The Secret Sister by Diane Chamberlain

Life Right Now + Things I'm Loving | CaitlinCosmetologist

I’m listening to the audio version during my commutes and now I want to spend more time in my car so I can hear what happens!  The Secret Sister is definitely enthralling and I’m definitely loving it. I would recommend it if you like thrillers and mysteries.

2.  Wearing: sweaters

Life Right Now + Things I'm Loving | CaitlinCosmetologist

The cozier, the better! Maybe its the weather, not sure, but I cannot get enough of them right now. I added some to my collection this winter have seriously enjoyed wearing them to work.

3. Drinking: tea

Life Right Now + Things I'm Loving | CaitlinCosmetologist

I’ve been drinking more tea than coffee lately. I prefer mild teas, like greens and whites. There’s something about a warm beverage during these chilly days.

Are you loving any of these, too?  

What else are you loving?

What Did You Think?

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Community Thoughts

  1. Congratulations on your promotion!!! That is HUGE news & definitely worth celebrating!!!! 🙂 I love listening to books or podcasts in the car, it really does makes hopping in for a commute more exciting! This time of year, I don’t think there’s anything better than sweaters or tea. I haven’t tried either of the flavors that you shared, but they look yum! I’ll have to try them out! XO

    Posted 1.28.17 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you so much Amanda! Let me know what you think if you try them. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your support! 🙂

      Posted 1.29.17 Reply