Loving Lately

Time is just ticking away and September is already half way over. Can you believe it? As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m excited this week because I’m starting a new job and am really hopeful about the opportunities it will lead to. I’ll still be in banking but in operations (away from customers) instead of in retail (facing customers). The best part? I’ll be working closer to home which cuts my commute from 1-1.5 hours to 30-40 minutes a day. What’s not to love about that? Here are some other things I’ve been loving.

Loving Lately

Braless camis: For years I only wore camis that had a built-in shelf bra. But, a few months ago the bra part started to annoy me so much I couldn’t stand it. I was talking to my sister about it and she told me where she bought her braless camis. Seriously, these are a game changer! They’re comfortable and I don’t notice them throughout the day.

First Aid Beauty: Back in July, I talked about my skin care routine with FAB and I’m still loving the Skin Rescue line. I added the Oil-free Mattifying Gel to my collection and I think it does help control my oil. It can be used morning and night after cleansing but I usually use it in the morning and the Face Cream at night. Although these products cost more, it’s worth it to see an improvement in my skin. I don’t seem to go through them as fast as I thought I would, which is a great.

Goddess lip gloss: I’ve been grabbing for this Lorac gloss a lot lately. I wore this mauve shade during the spring but I think it could work for fall, too. When it comes to glosses I prefer something less bold so this is perfect.

Essential oils: I started using oils to help my allergies and digestions issues. Even with an allergy pill every day my nose runs and I get headaches- attractive I know. So I’m happy to have found something that helps alleviate these problems. I don’t sell them but use Young Living essential oils. I’m planning to post about my favorite oils in the near future!

What are you loving lately?

Thank you for reading!

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