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Makeup Tips + Tricks | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Not all makeup tips + tricks are created equal. Here are some versatile ones I've learned over the years as a beauty professional!

I love trying new beauty trends but they are not all created equal! Meaning, they may not work for specific skin types and needs. So, I’ve compiled a list of makeup tips + tricks I’ve learned over the years as a beauty professional that I’ve found to be versatile.

 Makeup Tips + Tricks

– Apply finishing powder only on the places that get oily.  This usually happens in the t-zone.  Putting too much powder on, or in areas that don’t need it can cause a cakey finish.  Or worse, it can cling to dry patches- nope!

– Line only 2/3 of your top and bottom lids. Lining your entire top and bottom lash line, especially with a dark color, actually closes your eye off, making it look smaller.

– Twist your mascara wand instead of pumping it in the tube! Pumping it in and out can cause the mascara to dry out.

– Use a skin color concealer under your eyes.  I know it’s all about highlighting your face right now, but using too light of a shade can actually intensify the dark circles. Your under-eye skin is very thin, so applying a concealer to cover first, and then a light shade to brighten can cause some serious creasing, be careful with that too.

– Use liner to fill in your entire lip before applying your lip color.  This will increase the longevity of the product as well as create a fuller more defined lip.

Hopefully, some of these will work for you. If nothing else, it’s always fun to play with makeup and try something new!

What is your favorite makeup tip or trick?

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