Making Wellness My Priority

Today I’m debuting a new topic on my blog- wellness! This is something I’ve been passionate about for a few years and am happy to start incorporating into my site. You’ll notice that I added it as a menu category where you’ll be able to find posts as I add them. 🙂

A few months ago I posted about having some decisions to make. I struggled with those decisions because of the unknown. I didn’t know what it would be like if I made that decision or if I didn’t. People say all the time that change is scary and they’re right. But just like those same people say, good things can happen along with change. The change? Giving up my volunteer role and my second job. The good? Having more time for other things. (Ironically, I still don’t feel like I have enough time-how did I get anything done before?)

 As you can imagine, essentially working 3 jobs was pretty exhausting. My phone never really shut off and neither did my brain. When I gave those up I knew I needed to do something productive with my extra time. Because I was pretty worn out both mentally and physically I knew I needed a less stressful lifestyle. So, I told myself to focus on wellness.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. But I want to try.

What Do I Mean by Wellness?

When I say wellness I mean a healthy state of mind and body. To me, it encompasses everything from physical health to mental health. It’s a continuous process. If I didn’t do so well one day, the next day is a chance to try again. My goals and the steps I take this month may be different in 6 months.  But each little piece will help me on my journey. In other words, I mean self-care.

Making Wellness My Priority | Caitlin Cosmetologist

Here are goals/actions I think will help get me on the right track. This quote is perfect- I do need to nourish so I can continue to flourish!

My Wellness Goals

Drink more water: I know water is good for me but it can be hard to drink enough while at work. I start my day by drinking water while I’m getting ready and make sure to refill my water bottle at least once at work.

Get more sleep!: This is huge and yet I have been SO bad at it lately. I try to get too much done in a night and end up telling myself to do one more thing. Then all of a sudden an hour has passed. I definitely notice a difference in how I feel after multiple nights of little sleep.

Stay organized: I have to be careful here because being too organized can also be stressful. Rather than try to plan every part of my day and get anxious about not getting it all done, I make a list of a few things I want to work on. This gives me more control of what I’m doing. Plus, it feels good to check things off a to-do list, doesn’t it?

Be active: Unfortunately, my work schedule no longer allows for daily morning workouts. I’ve considered going to the gym after work but by the time I get home I’m back to the whole trying- to- get- too- much- done- before- bed thing. So, I go to the gym when I can and the rest of the time I exercise at home or find little ways of incorporating more physical activity into my daily routine. Like, walking or standing instead of sitting.

Be conscience of what and how much I’m eating: Junk food is the easiest option when I’m busy or stressed but I want to avoid that gross feeling after too much of it. I’m not planning on completely changing my diet but rather being more mindful. I’m still cutting back dairy and sugar, eating more fruits and drinking more water.  I like to prepare my lunch and snacks the night before so I have the right stuff while I’m in the office all day. What I’m eating is especially important when I’m not able to keep up with a fitness routine.

Take time for myself: I used to find it hard to make time for myself because I was so busy, but my body and mind needed to rest and recharge. This may be by treating myself to a mani/pedi, watching tv, reading or just diffusing essential oils to relax.

Budget for it: While it’s important for me to budget and watch my spending, I also don’t want to keep myself from buying the cute sandals or going out with my boyfriend every once in awhile. Depriving myself from everything is not the answer but there is a line. I pay bills first and then set aside some spending money. I also buy things on sale or with rewards points to save money.

Unplug and be more present!: This is another big one. I started to realize how much time I was spending taking pictures of food and outfits so I could post them later and how ridiculous I probably looked.  I don’t want to see things through my camera lens and I don’t want the people around me to feel like I’m ignoring them. Plus, it’s nice to enjoy what’s happening rather than worry about getting good pictures.

Avoid overstimulation: This goes perfectly with unplugging. I used to multi-task ALL the time. But is doing laundry, watching TV and working on my computer really giving me the best results? I recently noticed that with too many things going on I was getting overwhelmed more easily.  So, instead of turning on music or the TV when I work on something I do it in silence.

The Process

As I said before, self-care is a process.  I won’t achieve all of these goals every day but they are good to keep in mind. I had to be very honest with myself about my needs in order to set this focus and come up with these goals.  Truthfully, I don’t think I’m used to the freedom that comes with my new schedule yet and can’t slow down. In time I’ll slow down, these goals will come naturally and so will a feeling of wellness.

I encourage you to try these and come up with your goals as well. I’m certain you’ll notice a difference in how you feel throughout the day!

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Do you have any advice for self-care?

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Making Wellness My Priority | Caitlin Cosmetologist

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  1. Camille wrote:

    I really appreciate this post Caitlin! Once I started taking better of myself – emotionally, mentally, physically – I started to really notice how beneficial it is and how much better I felt. Unplugging has been the best for me!

    Posted 7.17.17 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you, Camille! That means a lot. I’m glad you liked it!

      Posted 7.19.17 Reply
  2. Love this post! Prioritizing overall wellness like this is so important to having a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. I love that you touched on so many areas of your life. This was so so good. I’m pinning! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 7.17.17 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you, Amanda! I’m so glad you liked it. Wellness/self-care definitely needs to be talked about more! And thank you for pinning 🙂

      Posted 7.19.17 Reply
  3. Caitlin, I love this post so much! Such a good reminder of how important self care truly is! I think EVERYONE can unplug and take a step back. It’s sad, but we are all glued to our phones. I’m working on being more present for my kids and trying to be more mindful of food choices too – meal planning is key for sure! Can’t wait to see more wellness posts from you!

    Posted 7.17.17 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you, Jill! I couldn’t agree more. I’m looking forward to more wellness posts, too!

      Posted 7.19.17 Reply
  4. Self care is really important. I’m glad you’re taking more steps to wellness! These are solid steps. Good for you.

    Posted 7.26.17 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you Betty! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. 🙂

      Posted 7.27.17 Reply
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