Morning Tips for a Productive Day

Morning Tips for a Productive Day | Everyday with CEA | The way your morning goes really sets the tone for the whole day. Here are some morning tips for a productive day!

The way your morning goes really sets the tone for the whole day. When it comes to mental health, there is something so promising about a new day being a fresh start. Having a nice, calm morning leads to a low anxiety day. But a stressful morning leads to a frazzled day. Are you looking to get your routine in check? Here are some morning tips for a productive day!

Morning Tips for a Productive Day

Personally, as I prepare to change my schedule back to the office full time (eeeeek), I know I need to get my morning routine in check. I’m an early bird, through and through. But, since working from started a year ago, most days I don’t jump right out of bed and get moving anymore. Are you in the same boat?  Here are some things we can incorporate into our mornings to create a calm and productive day.

–  Routine is key: Doing the same tasks at about the same time or in the same order is really helpful. Sometimes when I change up the order, I feel like I forgot something. This way you know you got through everything you needed to.

– Make the bed:  If you don’t do this you really should! It helps me feel put together. It’s also really nice to come home to a made bed.

– Check the weather: It helps to feel prepared!

– Say hi to Alexa: This is just fun! She gives me a fact every day and then the weather forecast.

– Lay things out the night before: I’m talking clothes, vitamins, snacks. Anything that you may usually scramble for in the morning.

– Drink Water: I find when I start with water in the morning, I’m more likely to drink it throughout the day. And it feels better to be hydrated!

– You Time: If able, having some time to yourself goes a long way. Maybe it’s quiet time while you drink your coffee. For me, it’s too quiet in the mornings so I have a few podcasts I listen to starting with a daily prayer. Some other ideas are music, podcasts, reading a devotional, or journaling.

– Exercise or stretch: Even if it’s not a full workout, stretching and moving to get your blood and adrenaline flowing! And your metabolism if that’s something you care about. 🙂

– Get ready for the day in a specific order. I touched on this earlier but it’s so helpful to keep this in the same order. Especially if something happens and you are short on time – you know what is left and what you may be able to cut out.

Weekends and days off may look different but if you’re able I suggest keeping as much as you can. Especially “you time”! It’s nice to start the day that way.

Unfortunately, we cannot control everything, but having a plan seems to help lessen anxiety and lead to a productive day. If you don’t currently have a routine, start small by waking up just 15 minutes earlier or adding a few things at a time. A big change can be hard to make into a habit. Here’s to peaceful mornings and happy days!

What makes for your perfect morning routine?

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  1. Beth wrote:

    Great ideas Caitlin! I truly believe in making the bed and keeping to a routine in the morning. I do always forget the “me” time, so great suggestions as to what to do with that time.

    Posted 9.10.21 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you for reading, Beth! I’m glad you found it helpful! A made bed is the best 🙂

      Posted 9.10.21 Reply