Why I Am No Longer Giving Discounts

I am finally strong enough to admit that I am not charging what I am worth. Explaining why I am no longer giving discounts.

It’s nothing personal. I greatly appreciate each of my clients for allowing me to do what I love. But I have a problem. This job is becoming more of a hobby. I’ve spent a lot of time and money chasing my dream of being a cosmetologist and its left me in a rough financial position.

I understand that it can take time to make your dreams come true and that this is part of my journey. But, what I am finally strong enough to admit is that I am not charging what I am worth.

Why I Am No Longer Giving Discounts

When I started at my new salon I set new prices. But I have wavered when someone tells me about the financial strain they are in or all the bills they have. I get it, so I feel bad and find a way to give a discount. Or I do not charge full price because someone has followed me since the start.

But, here’s the thing. I pay rent; I pay for my products, license renewal and continued education to improve as a stylist. If I can cover all those costs, I feel great about my week, but what about my time? I know that I am not being compensated for my time and that should matter.

I have taken a full time job instead of part time because I am not making enough at the salon to cover my personal bills and loans.  Financially, I am getting no where but I’m working really hard during the week. As you can imagine- this is not a good feeling. Cosmetology is my job- I should be making money.

As a client, it may be hard to fork over a wad of cash for your hair. There are things I have a hard time spending money on. But, please remember, this is my job. I am providing you a service and I am trying my best to give you a fabulous experience every time you are in my chair. When you are at your job, you are compensated fairly for your effort. This is what I am asking for myself.

My prices are not raising but will be charging my full price every visit. I truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause my clients. I believe I have set fair, competitive prices and will continue to do so. My referral program will continue but that will be the only discount.

To my fellow stylists, or self-employed person- be brave enough to charge the amount you are worth. It can be hard but as I am seeing, it is hard to pay out of pocket for something that should be earning an income and spending the better part of 2 years convincing yourself to keep with it even though you know you are not making what you need to in order to survive.

I love doing hair and helping people look good, but sadly, for me, just loving it is not enough to pay the bills.

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