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I don’t use filters or do much editing to my photos because I like to keep them as real as possible.  But, we both know that sometimes they need some work.  Or the best selfie out of 75 is a little too dark.  I’ve been doing collages a lot lately when I can’t decide between shots.

I have a few apps I tend to use the most.  In fact, I finally deleted a bunch from my phone because I really didn’t use them and why take up the memory?

So, anyway, here are my most used photo editing apps.

  • AVIARY- this app does a lot of the basic editing like lighting, cropping, orientation, etc.  It also has  blemish, whitening and red eye features. As well as frames, overlays and stickers.  I prefer this one for changing the orientation of a photo, esp. horizontally.
  • LAYOUT- this app is by Instagram and creates collages or “layouts”.  I use this the most because I like the way the layouts look and its easy to use.  You can choose photos from your camera roll or the app separates all your photos with faces or recent photos.
  • PIC JOINTER- When don’t like the way my photos look in Layout, I use this app to create a collage. I like that you can adjust the width and/or ratios of the borders and change the color.
  • ABM (A Beautiful Mess)- This app is great for anything I want to make with words. You can use a photo or pick from their backgrounds and then add borders, doodles, text or phrases.  I’ve purchased bonus packages on this app because I really like the doodles and fonts.  When I want to make a nice, clean looking advertisement I always use ABM.
  • iWATERMARK- I use this to put watermarks on the photos of myself or my work.  Sometimes I forget to use a watermark before posting but I try to use one to help spread my name and also get credit for my art. *I believe this app was about $1.99 but it was worth it in my opinion.  Its easy to use and lets you create and edit multiple watermarks if you choose without putting anything else on the picture.
  • INSTASIZE- You guessed it, this app edits photos to fit on Instagram without cropping out the picture.  I use this mostly for Outfit pictures when  I want to show a full length look and can only capture it with photo size and not square.
  • PHOTOMIRROR- This app allows you to mirror your image.  I love the way these photos look, especially with photos of hair.  You can also use it to make a collage and edit but I have not gotten into those features.

I have an iPhone and therefore got all these apps from the App Store.

What are your favorite photo editing apps?  

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