My Puffer Vest-One of The Best Items in My Closet

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In college, I bought a metallic silver Puffer Vest. (Later, I also bought a green one, but it never fit like ol’ silver.) Although I have loved it since then, it is not a color and material I reach for anymore.

So, this past fall, when I went on a random shopping trip to Old Navy and saw their huge selection of brand new puffer vests- I decided I needed to add another to my collection.  This time I chose a black one with maximum versatility in mind.  It is too cold to wear this vest now (it is too bulky under a coat) but you better believe it will make a comeback when the winter weather leaves.

Obviously, my Puffer Vest is a favorite but I still have not really explained why.

Let’s talk more about that, shall we?

Read on to see why my Puffer Vest if one of the best items in my closet!


Six reasons I love this Puffer Vest (and I think you will, too).

Versatility: I already mentioned the black color being versatile. But, I think the vest itself is versatile as well. It can be worn with a variety of tops, bottoms and shoes. I would never wear it with a dress but it can be dressed up or down. I love wearing it with a light sweater, jeans and flats as you see here.


Pockets: I feel like pockets make everything better.


Longevity: Not only will the actual material of this vest withstand a lot of wear, the style will too. Remember ol’ silver? Its condition is still fine and they actually had a metallic silver vest for sale when I purchased this most recent one.  Meaning, you will be able to wear it awhile, too. It is like an investment, right? 🙂


Affordability: It is from Old Navy. Even if full price seems a liiittle high, they seem to have sales and coupons periodically.  For something like this, I think the price is very reasonable.

Transitional: A vest is warm when a sweater or long-sleeve shirt is not enough but also cool when a winter coat is too heavy. You can wear it outside and inside.

Appealing: I, personally, really like how vests look. That’s a good enough reason to get something for me!

There are definitely other items in my closet that I love but this vest is a current obsession.  I am ready for some warmer temperatures so I can style it!


I also thought it would be fun to share an additional way to style this vest. Here it is with a plaid flannel, leggings and boots.


Women’s Vests | Similar  | Flannel

Old Navy has several vest options for women, men and kids, including mine which is called “Textured Frost Free Vest”. I have also linked some similar styles that are currently on sale. Happy Shopping!

Do you own a Puffer Vest? 

What is one of your best items?

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S. I’m trying something new with my photos, could you let me know how they look?

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