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Put Together | Looks | Outfits | How To Be I enjoy feeling put together. When I have things to get done or need to leave the house I want to feel ready. There's something about it that makes me feel better, stand taller and want to do better. So to feel like I can take on the day focus on 4 things while getting ready.

I enjoy feeling put together. Yes, I love sweatpants when I’m home lounging and being comfy. But, when I have things to get done or need to leave the house I want to feel ready.  There’s something about it that makes me feel better, stand taller and want to do better.  I guess I don’t like feeling sloppy because I get nothing done.  I’m not saying sweatpants are sloppy but if I don’t take a few minutes to get myself ready I, personally, feel sloppy. So to avoid that and feel like I can take on the day, I focus on 4 things while getting ready.

4 Ways to Look Put Together:

  • Hair: I don’t shampoo everyday. It saves me from needing to blow dry and style just to leave the house. I do use dry shampoo to keep the previous day’s waves or I throw it up in a ponytail or knot. Adding a braid can help to keep crazy hairs around my face under control.
  • Clothes: I pick comfortable pieces that are in good condition, match each other and fit well. Jeans and a v neck is a go-to combo for me. Even if it’s a sweatshirt I make sure I have something under it and socks that match. “Put together clothes” don’t have to be fancy, its more about pretending there was some effort involved. One of the reasons I love layering tanks and v necks is because they can look really polished. Also, they are so easy to mix, match and throw on. I can wear them with jeans, a jacket, flip-flops, flats, fitted knit pants, yoga capri pants, a zip hoodie, converse, boots,etc. There are so many options!
  • Light makeup: Don’t have a lot of time to spend on my face?  Or I just want to get out the door? I usually stick with primer, BB cream, concealer, set it all with powder and curl my lashes. Making sure to comb my brows and make them presentable, sometimes that involves a little pencil, seems to make a big difference. I keep a chap stick and a gloss in my purse. If I don’t have time for lips before I go, I can apply in the car.
  • Accessories: I love necklaces and earrings but my favorite accessory for running errands?  A hat! Yes, a hat is definitely an accessory. Lately, I’m been loving my two toned baseball cap.  But I also have hats that I can dress up a little bit more.  Headbands are another fantastic choice if it’s not a great second day style kind of hair day.  My pearl studs and a necklace with three charms (cross, peach ribbon and shears) that are my go-to pieces. I grab then and put them on right before I leave because I know they will go with anything and I like the way they look on me.

I spend as little or as long as I want on each of these steps depending on how much time I have. The more I do a quick hair or makeup routine the faster I am at doing it and makes the whole process more efficient. Find what works for you, your definition of put together may be different from mine, and that is okay.

What do you do to feel ready before heading out the door?  

Any go-to pieces?

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