Reasons to Get a Hair Trim

Reasons to Get a Hair Trim | Everyday with CEA | If your goal is to grow your hair, you may not want to lose any length. But, here are some things to keep in mind about getting a hair trim.

If your goal is to grow your hair, you may not want to lose any length and therefore think you shouldn’t get a hair trim. But, there are some things to keep in mind, especially if you have wavy hair.

First, let’s chat a little about trims. A trim and haircut are actually the same things. A trim typically takes less hair off but, your stylist should go through all of your hair to make sure it’s all even and lays correctly.  So, it may be “just a trim” but your stylist is still doing the work, especially with that blow-dry, haha.

Reasons to Get a Trim

– Regular trims help keep your hair healthy. Removing split ends not only improves the look of your hair but helps keep it from tangling. The only way to “fix” split ends is to cut them off. If you wait until they are bad to cut them, you may have to cut off more than you want to. 

– As I said before, trims actually don’t have to take off much length. It’s more about reshaping your cut and removing excess weight. Which makes styling much easier. You’ll notice your waves or styled curls lay better with each other rather than all winding together at the ends.

– Wavy hair is dry and dry ends can look fuzzy. When the ends get heavy, curls tend to fall flat and lose their shape. Removing them with a trim takes care of that problem!

Even though everyone’s hair is different, there are many reasons to get a trim. Personally, I don’t want a drastic change every time I go to the salon. The ends of my hair tend to hold a lot of weight but I want it to look polished all the time so,  I get a trim every 7 (or so) weeks, to keep it looking nice!

How often do you get your hair trimmed?

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