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Now that my commute is half of what it was, I’m not listening to audiobooks. While I’m really excited about driving less I’ll miss getting through books. I enjoy books and sometimes it’s nice to read rather than scroll online on my phone. So, I do plan to read during my hour lunch. Yippee!

The funny thing about audiobooks is that the narrator’s voice can really change how I feel about the story. I’m still on a thriller and mystery kick, but there’s a few other genres thrown in the mix as well. I don’t want to ruin the stories but here’s just a bit about each of the books I recently read and enjoyed!

Books I Recently Finished:

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I decided to read another Liane Moriarty book because I liked Big, Little Lies. This one was also great! It’s not what I normally think of for a thriller but it did keep me guessing.

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

Didn’t guess the ending of this one! It’s a psychological puzzle for sure.

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

This story was very interesting and suspenseful.  The ending really threw me!

At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

This is one of those I mentioned that the voice can turn me off. But, it’s a typical Nicholas Sparks book so if you’ve read any of his books, you already know what to expect.

Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Like most thrillers, this has a twist in it. It kept me guessing which is kind of fun!

Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner

Another crazy plot line! It was easy to listen to so I think it would be easy to read.

I only included the titles I liked, so I definitely recommend these to you! I rented all of these from my local library. I suggest that, too! Having my own copy is nice- I love that new book feel. But, being able to read them for free is pretty great, too. Plus, I don’t have to store them at home that way.

Don’t forget to pin this post to save these titles! And check out my first Recently Read post for more books I liked!

Have you read any of these? 

What should I read next?

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