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Everytime I go through the application and interview process, I’m reminded how important it is to have a good resume. A resume is the reason you will get asked to interview, or ignored all together.  It’s such a small part of you and all your experiences but it makes a big impression. Employers and hiring managers usually have several resumes to look through at once, so you want yours to stand out!

There are many formats you can use to create a resume but you want to include the right things. In college, I received some really good resume advice that I still use today. Here are 6 things I took away from my training. Incorporating these in your resume will give you an edge!

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Resume Tips

1. Keep your resume to one page. Be clear and concise! And use a font that’s easy to read.

2. Show that you are qualified. Include a list of skills relevant to the job for which you’re applying. Which means you may leave some jobs off. List both volunteer opportunities and paid positions.

3. Explain anything an average reader wouldn’t recognize. For example, a specific award you received.

4. Use verbs at the start of each bullet point. Similar to what I’ve done in this post. This makes your responsibilites clear. Especially if the reader is skimming. They’ll see what you do without needing to read further. Keep your current position in present tense and past positions in past tense.

5. Avoid the use of “I” as much as possible.

6. Proofread! Formatting, punctuation and spelling are very important.

Even when I’m not actively applying for jobs I like to have a resume ready so when I do need one I don’t have to scramble. Hopefully these tips will help you with yours.

Do you have any other resume tips?

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