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Last year I shared my resume tips. I meant to follow that post up with one sharing my interview tips. It took me awhile but here it is! Interviews can be nerve wracking. When you think about it, one weird answer or an accidental snort could keep you from getting a job. I like to think that I do well in these situations so, I thought sharing what works for me could be helpful. Like with anything, the more you do them the better you get. The focus of this post is interview skills but my advice could apply to a meeting as well. Here are my tips to rock your interview and get the job!

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Interview Tips

1. Prepare beforehand. Research the company and make sure you understand the position you’re interviewing for. This is the biggest thing for me. Bring prepared helps me feel less nervous and that shows in my mannerisms.

2. Speak clearly. Pause to give yourself a quick second to breathe before you answer.

3. Dress one step nicer than what you normally would for the job. First impressions are everything, right?

4. Wear your normal makeup & hair but be cautious with fragrances. I read this once and it makes sense. Think about when you walk by someone with too much perfume- you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a room with them, would you?

5. Be yourself! You want to leave the interviewer with a true sense of who you are and what you would bring to the organization.

6. Stay calm. It’s normal to be nervous but try your best not to show it. Everyone involved in an interview process understands that you’re on the spot so they expect you’ll feel this way. All the more reason to show them that you work well under pressure. 🙂

After a great resume and a successful interview, I hope you find yourself with a new job. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get it, though. Most people have to apply and interview for many jobs before they find one that’s a truly good fit. Try your best and go from there!

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Community Thoughts

  1. Kaitlin wrote:

    These are great tips!! My first interview out of college I didn’t research the company…somehow I still landed the job, but I definitely learned for that mistake!

    – Kaitlin

    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Thank you! I always feel better when I feel prepared and that definitely helps me feel prepared!

      Posted 9.11.17 Reply