Routine Matters for Confidence

When things outside of our control happen our confidence shakes. And we do not like to feel less confident, do we?! Less confidence allows anxiety and other feelings to creep in – yikes! The good news is that you can help avoid this with routine. Having a routine in place makes getting back on track when life happens much easier. Personally, I’ve found that having a constant routine really helps keep me from feeling anxious or caught off guard.  Which is amazing for my mental health.

Why Routine?

Change in life like losing a loved one, getting skipped for a promotion, losing a job, or not getting a job offer can affect mental health.

Everyday activities like getting the kids ready for school, leaving on time for work, or tackling a to-do list can also make you feel anxious or unsure.

Does this sound familiar?

  • you always feel like you forgot something.
  • you have too many things to worry about.
  • you wonder how to get it all done.
  • there’s never enough time in the day and you stress about getting things done.

If your anxiety flares up because you feel like you don’t have control. You need a routine. (At least one, haha.)

How would it feel to know you’ll get your to-do list done and don’t have to stress about it?

Having a routine gives you less to worry about and gives your anxiety the structure it craves.

For Confidence

Here are just a few ways that a routine improves your confidence:

  • Sense of Control: Following a routine provides a sense of structure and control over daily activities. When you have a clear plan and know what to expect, you feel more in control of your life, which boosts your confidence in handling any situations that may arise.
  • Achievement and Success: Routines often involve setting and accomplishing goals. Consistently achieving these gives a sense of accomplishment, leading to increased confidence in your abilities.
  • Predictability: Routines create predictability. Knowing what comes next and having a plan reduces feelings of anxiety and stress, allowing you to take on tasks and challenges with greater confidence.
  • Sense of Purpose: A well-defined routine helps you align your daily activities with your long-term goals and values. Working towards something meaningful gives a sense of purpose which boosts your confidence.

Creating Routine

With all that being said, we should talk about creating a routine, huh?! I find it best to look at areas of life that give you the most stress – say that’s getting ready in the morning. After you identify, brainstorm ways you can make it easier.

A routine like getting everything ready for the next day before you go to bed creates a smooth morning because everything is ready to go and you won’t wonder if you have it all together.

Getting ready in the same order every morning means you won’t feel like you missed something because you did it all the same way and you know how long it takes.

I highly recommend incorporating self-care and rest so you don’t burn out. This tends to be put on the back burner but it’s so important. Make time for it just like you make time to get gas in your car!

If you want additional help, keep your eyes out for my program launching soon which will have more in-depth training on this topic.  If you’re not on my email list join here so you don’t miss it!

How did this post make you feel? Do you have a lot of routines? Or will you be adding one?!

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