What They Don’t Say: Confidence Truths

As you probably know, I’ve been sharing more and more about my personal journey from trauma to confidence. It’s a topic that isn’t discussed much – especially online. As scary as it is to be vulnerable, I’m proud to make my corner of the internet a place where it is talked about. But, I know it’s not enough to just talk about myself. While I hope my story helps you see you’re not alone – it’s when we collectively talk about mental health and confidence that we collectively heal, too.  I’d love for you to join my free community over on Facebook – to get inspiration and encouragement from other like-minded women. Click here to join!

So, here are the things I wish people understood (and a reminder for you!) about confidence – so you don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong.

Confidence Truths…

It does not require perfection. You can make mistakes and still be confident. In fact, you will make mistakes. And that’s okay. Confidence is the way you react and move on from your mistakes. 

It does not mean you won’t have a bad day or feel down sometimes. You can and will feel multiple emotions at the same time. And there is nothing wrong with that. Give yourself time to work through your feelings. You’ll get back to yourself in no time.

It helps you make the most of life’s experiences and relationships. Can you remember times when you were at a family party and you kept thinking about how you looked or how off you felt? Or when you got together with girlfriends and kept comparing yourself to someone else. If you felt more confident in those situations, you would’ve enjoyed them more, huh? 

It is not all or nothing. You can be confident in some areas of your life and not confident in other areas. And that will fluctuate, too. You have to lose the idea that you have it or you don’t. You do have confidence, you just need to shift your mindset a bit to realize it. Feels better to think of it that way, doesn’t it?

It’s more than how you look. Looking confident doesn’t equal authentic confidence. Confidence is a result of how you feel inside. I love beauty and the way it makes me feel.  But true confidence came when I healed my trauma and focused on my own wellness. I want this for you, too!

When you feel like you’re missing something, remember that it’s not true. You aren’t missing a magic piece that will make you confident. You just need to surround yourself with the right people and practice the skill. I hope you know how loved you are.

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