What They Don’t Say: Healing Insights

I’ve been sharing more and more about my personal journey from trauma to confidence. It’s a topic that isn’t discussed much – especially online. As scary as it is to be vulnerable, I’m proud to make my corner of the internet a place that starts these conversations. But I know it’s not enough to just talk about myself. While I hope my story helps you see you’re not alone – it’s when we collectively talk about mental health and healing insights that we collectively heal, too. I’d love for you to join my free community over on Facebook – a group where women like you cheer each other on and build their confidence back to where it used to be. Get weekly affirmations, updates on all things EWC, and confidence tips + tricks. Click here to join!

So, here are the things I wish people understood (and a reminder for you!) about healing – so you don’t feel so alone on your journey.

Healing Insights…

It’s easier with others. Having a support circle helps so much. Even if you aren’t going to them with your thoughts and feelings all the time, just knowing that people care about you and truly have your best interests at heart changes the way you think about yourself and makes the journey more bearable.

But it’s lonely. Even when surrounded by loved ones you’ll feel lonely. I think it’s helpful to know you’ll feel this way so you don’t think you’re doing something wrong.

It’s not linear. Contrary to what you’ve been told, healing isn’t linear. The journey is filled with ups and downs, spirals, and unexpected turns. Don’t be frustrated when your journey isn’t straightforward – no one’s is!

It’s hard and messy. The journey is not linear which means it’s not easy either. Sometimes you don’t recognize the progress you’ve made which doesn’t help your mindset. But even when you don’t see it, know that you are making progress.

You go through a grieving process. We don’t realize that grief is part of the process. There will be grief as you lose something – like a relationship, a dream, or an old version of yourself. There will also be grief when you start to feel healed. Grief for the way things could or should have been, what you know you deserved, or how people let you down. Let yourself work through these emotions.

Self-compassion and patience. Healing requires self-compassion and patience, it is a journey after all.

Understanding healing is essential for a more authentic, empathetic, and compassionate approach to not only our own journeys but others as well. By acknowledging the messy middle, the nonlinear nature, grief, and the need for self-compassion, we can better navigate our healing journey. Remember, healing is not a one-size-fits-all process; it’s a uniquely personal expedition toward growth, transformation, and ultimately, self-discovery.

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