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Many people wash their hair every day for various reasons.  If you’re like me, you can work with second day hair and only wash it every other day. Some people can stretch it out even longer between shampoos. My hair tends to be on the dry side so washing it every day makes it even more dry. I have found that if I stick to lighter products and go a day without shampooing, it seems to feel pretty normal. However, this is not always practical as my hair can lose volume, look slightly dull and maybe even oily in the scalp area.

 It took me a long time to try dry shampoo, but once I did I realized it helped make second day hair possible. And now, I really like it! Some brands are better than others, have more of a scent, feel chalky or spray very white in color making it hard to blend into darker hair.  I have tried several brands and have found one that works well and is available at a good price point.

Keep reading to see my current favorite dry shampoo and some second day hair tips!

Current Favorite Dry Shampoo

Biolage Waterless: Biolage released dry shampoos and I’m hooked.  They have two kinds- Clean and Recharge (pink) and Clean and Full (green). I’ve been using Clean and Recharge. There is little or no color to the spray, it has a light scent and doesn’t leave a thick noticeable residue on the hair. These are features I had not liked in previous products so I was pleasead this didn’t have them.

Second Day Hair | CaitlinCosmetologist

Generally, for my second day hair I only need the dry shampoo and a little teasing action.  My hair holds curl/shape very well but sometimes I do like to add some extra waves with my small clipless wand.  I’ve been loving the textured wavy style lately.

Styling Second Day Hair

 I always spray dry shampoo at the under side of my scalp area. This helps avoid too much shine, which can make my hair look oily. Then, I work it in with my fingers, maybe tousle it with my head upside down to give a little oomph.

One of my favorite ways to style second day hair is with a headband. I also love braids. Both options help hide oily scalp areas or hair that has lost its body.  They also both provide versatility and add some fun to an everyday style!

What are you thoughts on second or longer day hair?  

Do you have a dry shampoo or similar product that you love?  

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