The Secret to Confidence

Do you feel like “confidence” is this state of being that you have yet to achieve? Like, once you do this specific thing, you will finally reach a level of confidence? Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and mental health and wellness are directly connected to confidence, you need to know the secret to confidence!

So, here it is … *drumroll* … the secret to confidence is that it’s a skill. See, you already have it but it’s been buried under adulting, overwhelming busy days, and all the other things that go on in life. The good news is you just need to dust off your self-belief and shift your mindset a bit so you can practice that skill and channel the queen that you are.

The Secret to Confidence

Like any other skill – it takes time to master it. But, don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t feel confident every day. Because it’s connected to your mental health, it can be better and worse depending on how things are going. Personally, when I feel anxious about something – I do not feel confident. So, give yourself some grace as you work on it.

What To Do Now

Now that you know it’s a skill you can practice and build your skill. Focus on habits that will lead to feeling confident.  That can be as simple as talking kindly to yourself. Do you believe the things you tell yourself? What if you tell yourself good things about yourself? It’s far too easy to beat yourself up but with a little practice and encouragement, you can make it a habit to give yourself grace.

Confidence doesn’t require perfection. So, try, make mistakes, learn from them, and keep growing, girlfriend!  Not sure what I’m talking about? Think of it this way – when you learned to tie your shoes you weren’t confident in your ability. But you practiced and by now you’re very confident in your ability. If you can learn to do that, why can’t you learn to be confident?

Another way to boost your confidence is by perfecting your simple beauty routine. I’m gonna guess that you feel better when you think you look better, right? We all do! We apologize when our hair is a mess or we didn’t cover the zits on our face. But, let’s be honest, all the upkeep women do is exhausting, right? Just getting ready to start the day can be a lot. I’ve found that nailing down a routine not only helps get me out the door faster but also gives me less to worry about. I know that my hair will look nice without washing it every single day. I know my one compact makeup that takes me 15 minutes works with my skin and stays all day.  Having less to worry about and feeling put together makes you feel more confident, right?

Read this post about creating a morning routine for a productive day for more tips. I truly believe that the tone of your morning can affect the whole day.

And check out my coaching offers for help with your confidence journey.

Here’s to confidence!

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