How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day 2017 | CaitlinCosmetologist

Valentine’s Day is definitely played up as a holiday all about dating, love and romance. It can sometimes feel like you have to do something to celebrate, or that you should be in a relationship. But, these things aren’t true.  You can still enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single lady.

Curious how?

Being single on Valentine’s Day is simple really, just remember a few things:

Being single doesn’t mean you’re alone: you still have the same friends, family and the support system you have the rest of the year. You may not have epic plans on February 14 but it doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Treat yourself & do something fun: indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure (see one of mine below), paint your nails or rent a movie.  Enjoy something you may not always get the chance to do during the busy week

Dress up: put on a fun outfit, do your hair and wear your favorite lipstick. I tend to feel great when I take the time to get ready. But, if you feel better in sweats, wear those all night with your hair on top of your head.

It is just ONE day: if the other things I mentioned do nothing for you and you’re still dreading the day, remember that will be over the next day and things will be back to normal.

You don’t  have to be single to make use of these tips.  Maybe you are busy this week or just don’t want to celebrate. These tips can cheer you up, too!

Single or in a relationship, you are beautiful and worthy of all the best things in life.  Celebrate yourself and the things you love about yourself.

Valentine's Day 2017 | CaitlinCosmetologist

Cards for my coworkers and my favorite treat-chocolate covered marshmallows! PLUS, 100 calories candy bars (from CVS) perfect for indulging!

I’ll be working but I have a fun outfit planned and am bringing cards and candy to my coworkers because I love love and any reason to celebrate. It’s not always easy for me to stay positive but this is a day that I want to enjoy.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Check my Instagram soon for pictures of my complete look.

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