Valentine’s Day Hair Inspiration 2016

Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist

As a hairstylist I think its good for me to consistently try new techniques or practice styles I may not get to do frequently. I thought while I was doing that, why not share some styles that would be great for Valentine’s Day hair on my blog?

I don’t think  I am doing anything specifically for the holiday but I fully believe in having great hair.  When you love your hair, you feel good, right? So no matter what you are doing, you can do it with fun hair!

Valentine’s Day Hair Inspiration

Here are the items you will need for these styles:

Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist

  • clips (any kind you like)
  • dry shampoo or similiar (Here I have Batiste for dark hair)
  • light hold hairspray (Here I have Soy Touchable by Sexy Hair)
  • thickening spray (or texturizing)  (Here I have Push Up by Sexy Hair)
  • curling wand or iron (Here I have a tapered 1″ wand)
  • comb (any kind you like)
  • bobby pins (color matched to hair if possible)


To start

I sprayed some dry shampoo into any areas that needed refreshing (mostly the top section closer to the root) and worked it in with my fingers then combed through all the hair. Then, I parted the hair in half and clipped the top section up, so I can begin with the bottom section. I then started curling small sections of hair around the wand turning away from the face. When I got behind the head I switched rotation directions. I was going for a bend or wave in the hair more than an actual curl.  I have been loving loose, undone waves and thought it would be a beautiful base for these styles.

When I got done with all the sections and all the hair is curled, I ran my fingers through to break them up and loosen them. This is what it looked like.

 It looks crazy!  But it is just the base. Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist







First style

 I sectioned off the front bang area and french braided across the whole front of the head.  When I get to the end of the braid I work my way up to loosen it up. To pin this braid I put the bobby pins close to the scalp so I can lay hair over top the pins to cover them.  As you can see I put one pin directed downwards and the other directed upwards.

Here is the first style:

Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist

Second style

I gathered the front part of the hair back and pinned it in place, giving it a little volume or “bump” look. Then, I took pieces of hair from each side of the head, twisted them and pinned them under the original pins.  You can do this until all the hair is pinned up if you have longer hair, or leave it like this if you have shorter hair or prefer leaving some hair down.

Here is the second style:

Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist

Third style

I sectioned hair from in front of the ears on both sides of the head, a wider section on the side with more hair and a thinner section on the side with less hair. Then I separated the section in 2 strands and wrapped them around each other for a secure twist. I pinned each twist as far back as it would go, again with one pin facing downward and one pin facing upward.

Here is the third style.

For an extra style, if your hair is long enough it would be very pretty to pull everything back into a low ponytail, maybe pull some pieces out around the face.

As you can see, this hair is not quite long enough but it shows the texture the waves make in a ponytail.

Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist

Back to my fourth style

On the side of the head with less hair, I created three small twists right above the ear. Braids would be fun this way too!  I used one bobby pin to anchor two twists since there is less hair on this side to cover the pins.  I left the other side of the head down.

Here is the fourth style.Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration 2016 | CaitlinCosmetologist

To finish the styles, I sprayed all of the hair with a flexible hold hairspray (especially the twists and braids).  Then I took the thickening spray and worked it into areas that needed a little volume, or had curls stuck together to help with separation.

These styles are fun and flirty- they take a little bit of time but are pretty easy to do.  I think Valentine’s Day is a good time for a very pretty or flirty style that looks put together without spending all day getting ready.

Will you try any of these styles?  What are your plans for the weekend/holiday?  Any questions on these styles?  Ask me in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day hair inspiration looks, blog ideas are always welcome!

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