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There are many trends I’m loving this season but, let’s be real. I’m also making an effort to invest in versatile basics that I’ll actually get my use out of. So, rather than just talk about styles that will be big this year I wanted to share wearable fall trends. Meaning, ways to actually wear some of this season’s biggest styles.

I’m thankful that many styles from past years are in again this year. It sure saves me some money. Like scarves and booties! If you have a pair of mules- get them out of the box and ready to wear.

As always, all items mentioned are under $50 – cuz ya girl knows about sticking to a budget. There’s only 1 exception to that but it’s on sale at the time of this post- I couldn’t find any similar items under $50. I tend to shop at the same places (mostly Target, haha) so for this post I tried to branch out a little.

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Neon/Bright: Bright colors can be intimidating especially if you’re pale like me. I briefly saw an article on Facebook showcasing neon sweaters. I’m pretty confident I can pull that off. This v neck sweater (comes in multiple colors) could be paired with jeans and ankle booties. Size up for the oversized sweater look that’s also super in. It would also look nice with black pants and cute flats for work, in your normal size of course. This crew neck sweater is a little more structured and has cozy in the name (more on that trend later) so how can you go wrong? It comes in lots of colors and in regular, tall and petite sizes!

Leopard: Oh, leopard. I hope you never go out of style. In high school and college I prefered zebra print but I’ve come to embrace leopard as a neutral. However, I can see why you might not want leopard pants or tops so instead- accessorize with it. A scarf  or a loafer are excellent ways to combine 2 trends in one and get more bang for your buck.

Mustard: This color screams fall. I like the details of this front-tie cardigan. Now, I don’t think I look that great in mustard, personally, so a purse is more my style. Or this purse! I actually used to have a mustard purse that I loved. But, some of the fabric split so I got rid of it. If I buy a new purse- it’ll be mustard. Or gray, but probably mustard.

Bralette: When I first started seeing bralettes on Instagram I thought they were impractical. But, then I realized that on nights and/or weekends when I want to be cozy I wear a sports bra with something loose fitting. So, why not wear a cute lace bralette with an oversized sweater or pullover instead of a regular old, sports bra? Nothing wrong with feeling girly while wanting to be comfortable. I’m looking at this one and this one.

Cozy: I mean, who doesn’t want to be cozy in the fall? I don’t like feeling sloppy, especially outside of my home, but I’m all about sweatpants and tops that are oh-so comfortable. Last year, fleece/sherpa pullovers were all over my Instagram and I think they’re back this year. I want to get my hands on one because they look dreamy and soft. They remind me of the fuzzy North Face jackets (we called them Teddy Bear Jackets, lol) some of my friends had in college but much cheaper. If I’d rather wear an oversized sweater and jeans or leggings- this one looks great (and is also a bright pink!). I have a sweater with this same material and it was my go-to for road trips last year. You could even pair it with a bralette. Again, 2 trends at once!

Blazer: I’ve always loved blazers and am so happy they’re back. I love the stripes on this one because I totally need more stripes in my wardrobe. There’s a solid color, too, if you’d rather. I like the knit boyfriend fit – it makes a blazer a little more breathable. It could be worn for work or something more casual depending how you style it.  I think this blazer would look really nice paired with a satin lace cami and straight leg dress pants for the office.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for looks this fall and into winter.  Of course there are so many other combinations or ways you can wear these trends.

It’s Friday of a 3 day weekend, woo hoo! I have all next week off from work, too! It’s really more of a staycation but I’m getting together with some friends, am looking forward to lots of self-care, and have a trip planned for the weekend. It should be wonderful! Do you any plans for the long weekend?

Which of these wearable fall trends would you wear?

What other trends are you loving?

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