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Wellness Journey Checkup | Caitlin Cosmetologist

Hello, hellooo! I first incorporated wellness into my blog back in mid 2017. I planned to do a wellness journey checkup post about a year later to share how it had gone for me. BUT, as I’ve mentioned in my 2018 recap and on Instagram…in 2018 my wellness went out the window.

I only published 18 blog posts in all of 2018. That’s terrible. But it makes sense because life was a bit much and I kept putting CC on the back-burner. It makes me sad but all I can do now is finish all the posts I have saved in my drafts. 🙂

More so, I’m disappointed that I let myself lose some of the progress I had made with wellness. But beating myself up won’t help anything. Instead, I’ll recommit and make a plan going forward.

What I Did Well

Even if feel I like I “failed” I should give myself credit for the things I did well. I want to take the momentum from those things into this new year and new phase of my wellness journey. I’m sure there are many things I did well but just a few stick out in my mind.

Drinking Water: This is pretty self-explanatory. I made a big effort to drink water throughout the day. Drinking a glass of water before I leave in the morning seems to start me on the right track for the day.

Self Awareness: I’m actually really proud of myself for being self-aware.  It’s not always easy, especially in times of high stress. There were many times I recognized that I was too stressed, anxious, over thinking, etc and was able to take a step back and think more clearly.

Eating habits: I made better snack choices and ate reasonable portions. I cut back dairy and sugar consumption to help my skin. And ate more fruits and veggies.

Exercise: Towards the end of the year I did get back into a consistent gym routine. Even if it was just part of the year I think that counts for something. Exercise in any form is a big stress reliever. I noticed myself getting worked up easily because I had a lot of built-up tension. I started going to the gym at least twice a week and sometimes did exercises at home, too.

What Helps

For the past 6 months or so, my goal has been to start the day with a peaceful mindset. In other words, starting the day fresh with confidence and positivity. I don’t want to wake up already worried or still worried about yesterday’s troubles. The biggest disruption to my overall state of mind is anxiety. That anxiety leads to over thinking and then feeling very overwhelmed. As I mentioned I’m very self-aware. So, knowing myself has helped me recognize some things I can do to keep my anxiety at bay on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean it won’t come up during the day but these definitely help me handle it better.

Plans/Routines/Consistency: If I’m anxious about something my brain starts working overtime. Having a clear plan can keep me from thinking about every little detail. Making a list helps with this! And I sure do love my lists, haha. The same goes for a routine. Knowing what to expect and having some control over how things go gives me less to worry about and therefore feel less anxious. I like to pack my lunch and plan my outfit before I go to bed. Having everything ready to go makes the morning easier and starts the day on a positive note.

Sleeping: This sounds so simple but it really makes a big difference. I know I don’t get enough sleep so I’m trying to be in bed around 9:30 every night. There are many nights I feel I have too much to get done so I’ll stay up to finish one last thing. Sometimes that means I don’t get stuff ready for the morning. Sometimes that means I stay up even later getting ready for the morning and then I’m too tired when my alarm goes off. Either way makes for a hectic morning.  So, I try to keep my to-do list for the evening to only 1-3 things. In theory, by 8:30 I’ll start wrapping up, make sure I’m ready for the morning, shower or wash my face and get to bed. I’m still working on that timing, though. 🙂

Water: Water is good for many reasons. I function better when I’m hydrated and it helps flush all that bad stuff out of my pores. 🙂 I’ll continue starting my day with a glass of water and drink as much as I can throughout the day.

Retail Therapy: It feels like I’m always running errands. Although it’s time away from other things, it may be a good thing. I’ve always said I’m a firm believer in retail therapy because it takes my mind off things. I don’t necessarily have to buy anything – just looking does the trick. Target and Ulta are a few buildings down from my work, so sometimes I go there for my break, especially during a stressful day.

Taking Breaks: Speaking of breaks. I make sure to take one every day at work. And if a blog post or house project is frustrating – I take a break. It gives me time to clear my head, reset, get some air, etc. Don’t be the person that never takes a break. Your mental health will thank you for taking one!

Exercise: We all know that exercising is good for us. As I said before, working out helps to relieve my stress and I feel better physically and mentally when I do it. Even just a half hour a couple of times a week feels good.

I know wellness feels like a trend because we see it all over the internet. But taking care of ourselves really is huge. I love the world of beauty but what is it worth if I’m drowning inside? It helps me to remember that if I didn’t do well one day, or maybe even…a year, I can start again. Just like starting each day with a clear mind. Each day is another chance to do better.

What helps you with your wellness journey?

Thank you reading! Take care.


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