Who Everyday with CEA is For

Who Everyday with CEA is For | Everyday with CEA

We all love a good origin story right? When I find a new influencer or coach, I want to know all about them. And sure, I have my About page, but I want to dive deeper into why I created Everyday with CEA and who it’s for. This is not a traditional blog post but I feel it on my heart to share this.

It’s so much more than just me. EWC Community is for you, too. It’s for all of us.

All of us that:

  • feel pain but can’t talk about it
  • feel ashamed of our past
  • hide our tears while helping others
  • feel alone in our healing journey

When I create content for Everyday with CEA and plan for the future I want to:

  • fight the stigma around mental health
  • help women become their most confident selves
  • help women feel less alone
  • give a voice to the women that have lost theirs
  • encourage and inspire women
  • be a light in the darkness

These topics are far from easy to talk about. It’s pretty awkward to be vulnerable on the internet. But, if my feeling awkward helps someone else, then I will continue to do so.

I would love for you to share my platform with someone that can relate. And let’s connect in the Everyday Beauty and Confidence group!

Thank you for being here!

Here’s to healthy habits and boundaries on our healing journeys!

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