Wish List Fall 2015

Originally I posted a quick list of clothing and accessory items I wanted for the upcoming fall and winter season. A reader suggested I go more in depth about the pieces I was looking for and I thought it was a great idea. Thank you so much for the feedback, I hope you enjoy my list! I’ll post pics on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag “wishlist” of the items I find.

Gray Boots: The boots I currently have are worn out so I am hoping to find a new pair.  It seems like I wear gray boots the most so this is definitely a top priority.

Brown Boots: I have a few sweaters that I think would look nice with brown instead of gray or black so I’m on the hunt for a reasonably priced pair.

Leather Skinny Pants or Leggings: I think they could be so fun to wear during the holidays.  Warmer than a dress but can go with many tops, boots or flats.

Poncho Style Sweater: Something about these has caught my attention and I just want to bundle up in one.  I just have to decide if I want one that goes over my head or is open in the front, hmmm.

Blanket Scarf: Same as above, they look so cozy! Not that I don’t already own a bunch of scarves, but this is different, right?

Charcoal Chucks: My current pair are faded, dirty and totally doneso after years of wear.  I actually really like wearing my Converse All Star low tops so I’m looking for a new pair.  Lots of places sell them, but where is the best deal?

CaitlinCosmetologist Shirt: I love my business cards and my branding so I decided I need at least 1 shirt to go with it.  Something I can wear while I’m in the salon with my apron on.

Moccasins: Last year, my gray and silver Steve Madden moccs got a hole in the stitching over my toe, so I’m gonna see if I can find a new pair that I like.  I ended up wearing them a lot last year. They felt a little nicer than my chucks and were a lot easier to slip on and go.

Lace Up Flats: Have you seen a pair of these?  I see them all over Instagram and I think they are so fun! Plus, it takes me back to my ballet days.

Jogger Style Pants:  I also think these look fun and are different than all the pants I already own.  I’m not sure if I will like them on myself but it won’t hurt to try.

Ear Jackets: Sounds weird, right?  They are earrings that are just a stud on the front side but dangle from the back side. They connect in the ear and from the front you can see 2 separate pieces. Look them up if that doesn’t make sense!  I’ve been seeing a lot of these and I think they are a fun way to spice up wearing studs or small earrings, which I have been doing a lot.

Ear Crawlers: Also sounds weird!  These start at your earring hole and going up the lobe, some go up farther than others.

Olive Green Handbag: I’ve already searched many places but haven’t found anything in my budget.  We’ll see if it happens.

Do you have a suggestion on where to find any of these items?  

What’s on your list for the fall and winter?

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